Trust Himalayan Pink Crystal Rock Salt 500gm

৳ 499 ৳ 480

100% NATURAL PINK & CERTIFIED, Non-GMO, and does not contain any MSG, Soy, Gluten, Dairy, or anti-caking agents.
FINE GRAIN: This Himalayan pink salt is in our slightly larger than standard table salt Fine Grain.
TASTES GREAT: Our 100% pure Himalayan Pink Salt is the perfect addition to any meal! Pink Himalayan salt is great for seasoning meats, grilled vegetables, a variety of salads (such as pasta, egg or potato salads), soups & stews and blends well into recipes when baking.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please let us know directly and we will make it right.
Trust Himalayan Pink Crystal Rock Salt 500gm for Daily use.



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